May 11, 12:23

В болталке зашёл разговор об итальянских митол-группах и я вспомнил про великолепный недооценённый бриллиант в лице Dark Lunacy

Хоть 9 мая уже прошло, вспомнить про них можно и в этом контексте (хотя и не только)

Так что любителям мелодичного деза можно всячески рекомендовать, крутые рифы DL сочинять точно могут

Dark Lunacy - Aurora (Original)
Band: Dark Lunacy Song: Aurora Lyrics: Tallin, fallen We're sailing to go home War's coming, war's taking Alone across the Baltic haze Nobody loses hope But we were feeling forgotten Just breathing our death Across the sea, you lead us and ease the fears Kutznetzov, the preacher No light behind his back The voice is trembling, no hiding The end is moving fast Tallin, fallen We are leaning all behind Remember those boatmen The ghost-men chant, from Volga Lost in the shadow When pride is going to die Inside an ancient rhyme Ghosts from the Volga's tale Lonely, the memories are lost A pathway to nowhere Stranded, the livid of my soul Stranded, is claiming all my life Fate, you take me down, into your dome Straight into your great decay Straight into your great mistake From the boatmen, from the Volga's cry Step by step and a step again Fear is my great surrender The ghost-man chant, from Volga, lost in the shadow Ghosts from the Volga's tale When pride is…